Welcome To NTIS
Hello, Change Maker! Welcome to National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS). This is a guidebook specially made for our NTIS user reference. Feel free to hop in whenever you need to.

Create A MaGIC Account

In order to access to Sandbox website, user must first create a MaGIC account and verify the email.

Enquiries Regarding NTIS

  • On Sandbox website, click on 'Mohon Sekarang'/'Apply Now'.
  • Create a MaGIC account by using any of your email.
Feeling stuck? feel free to checkout our FAQ page here. In case there is other questions that not covered in FAQ page, kindly email to us at [email protected].
MaGIC account also can be linked with Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Any questions sent to NTIS email will need some times to reply. Kindly wait for our replies.
Once you complete setup your account, user will be redirected to the Sandbox create organization page.
Last modified 9mo ago